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Dear College Community,

As we have been informed, the Malaysian government has extended the Movement Control Order by another 14 days from 1 st to 14 th Aril, 2020, in lieu of the rising cases of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia and the world at large.

ICOM is monitoring global and national developments closely in order to put in place measures to prevent the contraction of the virus on campus and at the same time to ensure that the integrity of teaching, learning and assessments is not comprised.

The following measures are being implemented and would be implemented to safeguard the well-being and safety of stakeholders.

1. Assignment of Special Officers for Stakeholders

Puan Fauziah Mohd. Nor, is the primary contact for students and parents to contact on all matters related to Covid-19 and MCO.

Ms Sagunthala Letchumanan is the contact for staff and faculty members to contact on the same.

These special officers, are in discussion with the President & CEO daily and are in a position to advise the College community on the latest news and updates.

2. Preventative Initiatives

The College has placed sanitisers at every floor and at the entrance of the College for the diligent use of all staff, faculty and students. Due to the limited stock and frequent unavailability of the hand sanitizers, we ask all to exercise prudent use.

The College has also handed out face masks to all staff, faculty members and students for your use in protection of yourself.

3. Prohibitions on Travel

All trips, official or personal, to domestic or international destinations are not permitted during the MCO duration period. All staff, faculty and students who have travel plans are urged to postpone the travel. In the event, you do travel and are held or withheld at any port of entry or exit, you are fully responsible for your quarantine and emergencies.

4. Deferment of Coursework Assessment, Examination

All assessments scheduled for Weeks 11, 13 and 14 in the January 2020 semester will be deferred to the following:

  1. Week 11 In Class Assessments deferred to Weds - Fri, 6th to 8th May, 2020 (Week 1 of May Semester) ON CAMPUS
  2. Week 13 Submissions deferred to Mon - Weds, 18th to 20th May, 2020 (Week 3 of May Semester) ON CAMPUS
  3. Week 14 Examinations deferred to Mon - Fri, 18th to 22nd May, 2020. (Week 3 of May Semester) ON CAMPUS
  4. Extenuating Circumstances Submission Deadline deferred to Tues, 26th May, 2020 (Week 4) ON CAMPUS and ONLINE
  5. Extenuating Circumstances Board Meeting deferred to Fri, 29th May, 2020 (Week 4). ON CAMPUS or ONLINE as decided by the Registrar
  6. Grades Upload on CODA by Faculty deferred to Fri, 5th June, 2020 (Week 5).
  7. External Examination deferred to Tues, 9th June, 2020 (Week 6) ON CAMPUS for DSP; and ONLINE for BMUS
  8. Subject and Conferment Boards deferred to Weds, 10th June (Week 6). ON CAMPUS or ONLINE, as decided by the Registrar
  9. Resits (new one-off offer) on Mon - Fri, 22nd to 26th June, 2020 (Week 8). ON CAMPUS. This is to allow students who have progressed into May semester/Level but have failed one or more of their Sem 1/20 modules (which may act as prerequisites to the modules they are enrolled in, in the May semester), to meet the said prerequisites for these courses.

All on-campus examinations involving more than 25 students would be subject to mandatory social distancing through seat assignment spacing and/or placement in different examination rooms.

5. The Shift to Online Learning (OLL)

All lectures will be held online from 18 th to 14 th April, 2020. Limited on-campus classes involving practical demonstrations on technology and music performance facilities would be conducted from 15 th to 24 th April, 2020. The faculty members of the respective modules will be communicating the detailed methods and prescriptions with their students.

ICOM is in the midst of implementing a formal shift in teaching and learning to an online approach that minimizes physical contact for all academic programs. These changes will involve the engagement of management, faculty, staff and students in making this change possible. The migration is expected to be announced soon.

6. Indefinite Postponement of ICOM Extension Programs (IEP)

Previous commitment and acceptance of students into ICOM After School (IAS), ICOM School Holiday Programs (SHP), and Corporate Short Courses (CSC) are to be revised and in most cases, postponed until further notice. The postponement will take place with effective from 18 th March, 2020.

All tuition paid for any of the above, will be through mutual agreement with students/parents, either refunded or kept in retention until the program is next offered.

We live in uncertain times and due to this, mitigating measures are required and will be developed on an ‘as and when’ basis and communicated urgently to all at the fastest pace. Our traditional approaches to teaching, learning and assessments have shown to be insufficient to weather global pandemics and in line with this, we invite you to join us in discussion, suggesting best practices to engage technology to meet the needs of students, faculty members and staff in providing a vibrant contemporary music education.

Yours sincerely

Irene Savaree

President & CEO

25th March, 2020

Wisma ICOM, Lot 126, Section 85A, Lorong Setapak, Kuala Lumpur 53000, Malaysia