Blue Yonder by The Pamintuans

The Pamintuans are made up of two brothers; Richmond as the guitarist and Mark Jay as the drummer (both ICOM Alumni)  and the duo feature collaborations with other artists.

Blue Yonder:
The song and its words reflect an attempt to bring your loved one to your journey through life – inviting and beckoning them to be that person who’ll hold your hand while you encounter the ups and downs life has to offer. All this, while helping each other be good persons on earth, be good persons for God so that your love will be blessed and eternal, both on earth and in the heavens.

Music Written by Richmond Pamintuan & Adilah Affendy
Lyrics by Adilah Affendy

Adilah Affendy – Vocals
Richmond Pamintuan – Guitars
Mark Jay Pamintuan – Drums
Herman Ramanado – Bass
Joelle Benson – Keys
Rupak Iyer – Fx and Strings

Produced by Johnston Wang

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