Meet Our Academic Staff

Our music college’s faculty team is made up of highly experienced and well-qualified Malaysian and foreign nationals who combine the passion for teaching with a broad range of industry experience in music performance, arranging, music production and music business. A number of faculty members are actively engaged in professional work and bring the wealth of the industry network and experience into classrooms. Faculty members play an active role in your student life at ICOM through mentoring and collaborative activities. Allow us to introduce you to your future mentors here.

Sze Kin Sun
Mr. Sze is a pianist who trained in music synthesis at the Berklee College of Music (USA). He leads the College’s online learning initiative, a program that enables more students to study with ICOM. He serves on the Malaysian Qualification Agency’s (MQA) panel of experts for national performing arts program standards. He has over 15 years teaching experience in ear training, digital audio, music technology and audio for multimedia. He has a Master of Arts degree from Middlesex University (UK) and is also an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Pro and an Avid Certified Instructor for Pro Tools.
Farid Yahya
Mr. Yahya plays the clarinet, alto saxophone and piano. He has over 15 years of teaching experience from school music program to tertiary education in music theory, contemporary harmony, arranging for rhythm section, horns & show band, ear training, performance labs and ensembles and individual instruction on piano, clarinet and saxophone. Currently, a resident pianist at the Ritz Carlton in Kuala Lumpur, he has performed in Malaysian orchestras in the woodwind section. He has a Bachelor of Music degree from the Berklee College of Music (USA) and is currently reading for a Master of Arts degree at University Malaya.
Harvinder Singh
Mr. Singh plays the acoustic guitar and bouzouki and is a member of Diplomat of Drums, a famous band known for their high-level energetic percussion feature. Harvinder or Harvey as he’s fondly referred to is an ICOM alumni and has over 6 years of professional experience as content producer, recording and post-production engineer and digital consultant. He teaches audio theory as well as practical hands-on courses such as recording techniques, digital audio and mixing techniques. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Audio Production from SAE Institute Byron Bay (Australia), and is a Solid State Logic AWS 900 certified user.
Aiman Bin Mohd Misri
Aiman Mohd Misri is an audio engineer by training and education. He owns Kelawar Records, an independent label and oversees all aspects from music production to marketing the album releases of artists under his label. He performs as a rapper in Malaysian Hip Hop and R&B music concerts and acts as mixing engineer for various artists. He has worked in live sound and also in post-production for animation. After lecturing at LimKokWing University, Aiman now teaches audio production at ICOM.
Ali Aiman Abdul Hamid
Mr. Aiman plays the piano and trumpet. He is also a singer-songwriter who has written, arranged and produced his compositions for his own album, as well as for numerous original musicals, productions, A-list artists, and collaborative works domestically and overseas. He teaches classroom and individual instruction in piano, commercial composition, music and sound design for visuals, and commercial studio production. An ICOM alumni, he graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree in Contemporary Writing and Production.
Ch’ng Wee Lern
Mr. Ch’ng is a classically trained pianist who performs equally well in jazz and contemporary pop music styles. He performs extensively in clubs, festivals and concerts with Malaysia’s legendary and upcoming artists and is recognized readily for his virtuoso skills. He teaches classroom and individual instruction in piano, contemporary harmony, instrumental labs and ensembles and plays an active role in curriculum development. Wee Lern is an ICOM alumni who graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Professional Music, awarded by the University of Westminster, UK.

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