Featured Students/Alumni: Bhavya Raj


A young man from India name Bhavya Raj, graduated from Foundation in Music (2011/12)and Certificate in Audio Production (2014) ICOM.. Here is his story…

Since I just graduated in the June of 2014 it has not been much time but from the time I passed out of ICOM life has been very interesting to say the least since immediately after graduating I was selected (through a selective process not related to ICOM) to intern at YASH RAJ FLIMS STUDIO in Mumbai which is the heart of Bollywood movie production which has been loads of fun and challenging at the same time and not to forget meeting a lot of Bollywood Celebs haha.

Music education gives you an edge over folks who would find it hard to explain what a certain thing is going on musically or in terms of audio in a music session, for example not many engineers that I have seen do get confused if the music producer would say some music term like, “Let’s take it from the CODA” or let’s say how to get a good recording etc. This is where ICOM experience helped me to go though that procedure of not knowing to making loads of silly mistakes to finally getting it right, I guess that is what education should be about and that’s what ICOM provided.

I can’t stress much on how IMPORTANT networking is you would never know which of your friend would make it big and if you are a good person and good in your profession and a part of the same network than the chances of you getting work will drastically increase. Music business runs on word of mouth and trust me on this when I say it that no one wants to work with a person with unprofessional and rude attitude. As for me networking in ICOM and outside ICOM helped me get work and helped me get more and more exposure to different music related fields which I wouldn’t be able to do if I would sit in my room and played my guitar whole day (which I do from day to day haha).


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One thought on “Featured Students/Alumni: Bhavya Raj”

  1. Vikas says:

    I knew bhavya as guitarist in mumbai & years ago we met. And few days back i found him as guitar tech for Mave Mustaine from megadeath.

    This is just fantastic.

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