ICOM Activities would feature various announcements and notifications from ICOM administration, updates on workshops and master classes, students campus and outside campus activities, recruitment fairs and school visits so everyone can meet with our admission executive etc.


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International College of Music: Learning Technology for Musical Performance

Elearningmagazine An article on ICOM Online entitled “Learning Technology for Musical Performance” has been published in E-Learn Magazine. The article can be viewed at: http://elearningmagazine.co/2016/07/19/international-college-of-music-learning-technology-for-musical-performance/    …
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Music Theory in 12 weeks!

musictheory ICOM Online’s Music Theory for Musicians 1 and 2 courses have now been merged into a single 12-week course. The new Music Theory incorporates the core topics from both the older courses over a shorter duration, resulting in a savings of more than 25% off the course fees! What can students expect to get out of this new Music Theory course? The course instructor, Dr. Alyssa Koay, explains: “Students will be exposed to a wider range of specifically chosen topics over a shorter period. Students who have little to no prior knowledge of music theory will find this course more accessible as the focus
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ICOM will be visiting your school!

School Location Dates
SMK (P) Sri Aman KL 5-Apr
SMJK Katholik Melaka Melaka 6-Apr
SMK Victoria KL 6-Apr
Perak Yuk Choy High School PTE Ipoh, Perak 13-Apr
SMK Aminuddin Baki KL 13-Apr
SMK Seksyen 1 Bandar Kinrara, Puchong Puchong 14-Apr
SMK Cheras Perdana, Cheras Puchong 14-Apr
SMJK Katholik PJ 20-Apr
SMK (P) Sri Aman(Festival) – Free KL 22-Apr
Chung Hwa Independent High School Selayang 4-May
Kwang Hua (Pte.) High School
(Note 2)
Klang 16-May
Hin Hua High School (Note 2) Klang 18-May
SMK St. Anderson, Ipoh Ipoh 27-May
SMK Dato Ibrahim Yaacob KL 14-Jun
SMJK Yok Bin, Melaka Melaka 15-Jun
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Jazz Piano Comping Techniques by our incredible Wee Lern Ch’ng!

jazz (1) Jazz Piano Comping Techniques – a new ICOM Online course by our piano faculty, Ch’ng Wee Lern – is now available for enrollment. What is this course all about? This is what the course author has to say: “I designed this course in collaboration with my colleague, Ali Aiman, whereby our intention is to help new piano players pick up fundamental jazz playing skills in a short amount of time (4 weeks). They will get to learn common jazz chord progressions in the swing style with walking bass lines, among other things. Hopefully, everyone will find this course to be a beneficial yet
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