ICOM Activities would feature various announcements and notifications from ICOM administration, updates on workshops and master classes, students campus and outside campus activities, recruitment fairs and school visits so everyone can meet with our admission executive etc.

“What You Want” by Sachie Amira (ICOM Alumni)

A cheeky video clip by Our ICOM sweet heart Sachie Amira.. Great to see so many of our ICOM alumni “helping out” for this video. Haha! Missing you guys..…
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Malaysia takes the chairmanship for ‪#‎ASEAN‬ 2015 and had commissioned ICOM to produce this year’s theme song. “ONE”, the theme song, all music and lyrics are composed by ICOM (students, faculty and alumni).
Our People Our Community Our Vision …
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Performance Workshop @ICOM

3rd July
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Indah Ruhaila ft Nisa Addina (ICOM Alumni) AJL29

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Sachie Amira’s Cover for BINGBANG’s BAE BAE

Here’s Sachie’s first kpop cover, Big Bang’s Bae Bae!  Huge credits to the people below for this. Share, like and subscribe!…
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