ICOM Activities would feature various announcements and notifications from ICOM administration, updates on workshops and master classes, students campus and outside campus activities, recruitment fairs and school visits so everyone can meet with our admission executive etc.

ICOM Berklee Master Classes

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Where’s my frog? – original by Daniel Yap (CAP student)

Daniel is our Certificate in Audio Production (CAP) taking his final semester here in ICOM. He is hard working and very talented! Love this song “Where’s my frog?” by him, it makes one feel happy and cheerful, don’t you agree? Enjoy the song!…
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All Of Me (Cover by Hanz)

Hanz is currently working on his new song.. can’t wait to listen to it! Enjoy this cover from his channel on youtube. Check it out HERE!…
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GTXperiment – Live @ Sepang F1 Concert 2015

GTXperiment with their new song: Off The Ledge LIVE @ Sepang F1 Concert! Check out the video on Youtube : GTXperiment FB Page : #‎gtxperiment‬ Proud of each one of you: Clinton Liew, Daryl Diengsoh, Jude Macson Bensing, Sachie Amira , Herman Francis Ramanado & Mark Jay! Keep up the great work!…
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志明与春桥 Cover by Tribute to Mayday 2

We hope you would enjoy our student’s work in presenting to you TRIBUTE TO MAYDAY2 last month! It was a huge success and we are so proud of our courageous student and band members The Tributers! Huan, Too, Jeffrey and other back stage & tech crew (you know who you are! Most of you from ICOM! anyone else we forgot to mentioned please accept our apologies. ) and also Min & Peik Quan (who put in so much effort into this concert!) Thank you to the sponsors as well! Thank you for your support for these young talents. Congratulations everyone!…
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