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Ali Aiman – Every Little Thing [Lyric Video]

Written, produced and mixed by Ali Aiman (ICOM Alumni).
Mastered by Nick Lee of The Ark Studios.
Special thanks to Ben Tio of The Ark Studios.…
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Zedd ft. Selena Gomez – I Want You To Know (ft. Reharmnation)

I Want You To Know cover by: Reharmnation…
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Don’t Be Messin’ by Irma Seleman

Music: Irma Seleman & Arthur Kam
Lyrics: Irma Seleman
Music Producer: Irma Seleman & Arthur Kam…
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Finally Out by Caleb Savari

Waited so long for this to be out and I’m so excited its done.
If you like it hit the subscribe button and more will be on the way. (You could also like my facebook page and stay tuned for when the EP comes out!)…
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失憶的金魚 Cover by Hanz郭文翰

I have no special talent to attract you, I just want to sing a song for you to listen, it’s that simple. Would you fall in love with me for seven seconds, even if you have amnesia after that.. “Amnesia goldfish” for you.– Hanz郭文翰…
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