Jazz Piano Comping Techniques by our incredible Wee Lern Ch’ng!

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Jazz Piano Comping Techniques – a new ICOM Online course by our piano faculty, Ch’ng Wee Lern – is now available for enrollment. What is this course all about? This is what the course author has to say:

“I designed this course in collaboration with my colleague, Ali Aiman, whereby our intention is to help new piano players pick up fundamental jazz playing skills in a short amount of time (4 weeks). They will get to learn common jazz chord progressions in the swing style with walking bass lines, among other things. Hopefully, everyone will find this course to be a beneficial yet fun experience!”

Each lesson will cover a topic over a one week period and includes activities such as watching instructional videos and reading text. Every lesson ends with a submitted assignment that will be graded and given feedback by Wee Lern himself. An electronic certificate of completion will be awarded upon completing and passing the course.

If you’re looking to develop your skills in jazz piano comping, look no further – class starts on 6 June 2016.



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