Week 10 Friday Performance Winner – Liu Zishi

Liu Zishi, ICOM’s semester 1 saxophonist, took the crowd on a Jazzy journey this Friday with his version of The Days of Wine and Roses helping him to scoop a win for the last weekly Friday Performance of 2/15 semester right before the BIG Final FP that’s just around the corner.

Liu picked up the Tenor Saxophone after receiving his Degree of Science almost a year ago and has been playing since. Starting to play the Classical music at a young age, he dropped the instrument due to boredom. He is currently learning more about his instrument and playing styles under Mr. Freddie. He said that he had chosen this specific piece as it was the first Jazz piece that he learned in ICOM and he wanted to apply the skills that he had learned from his teacher into his performance. It took about 15-30 minutes to prepare the song with his band.

Liu has plans to head to Berklee after finishing up FIM to major in Performance Arts. He had discovered of ICOM through one of his older teachers in USM who had suggested him to apply to ICOM. At the moment, Liu has plans to play another jazz piece for Final FP but is not yet confirmed. So, Good luck!


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