Week 12 2/15 Final Friday Performance Winner – Tan Xin Tian

The winner of the second Final Friday Performance of 2015 was none other than our astoundingly talented, Tan Xin Tian, otherwise known as Katherine.



Mr Akihito & Tan Xin Tian (Best Performer for 2/15 semester!)










Katherine presented an awesome rendition of the song Get It On by none other than Brain Culbertson, who is an amazing Jazz/R&B pianist in his own right. From the moment she started playing, Kat was able to grab hold of the crowd and judge’s attentions and keep them focused on her performance. Showing her skills as a very talented soloist and also as a very good band leader as she and her band members were playing in-tune with each other, amplifying the experience of the crowd. It was a very memorable performance.

She said that she was very surprised as her name was announced as the winner and felt extremely joyous and excited as she had not expected it, feeling that she had gone up against very formidable performers.

Katherine has a hidden instrument that she can play, other than piano, and that is the drums. Sometimes if you drop by the 3rd floor of ICOM you may just catch her playing in one of the drum rooms (I have, only once though). She is currently busy, trying to finish up assignments but tells me that she cannot wait for the holidays arrive, as she will be going back to her hometown to see her family.

Lastly, Katherine would like to say a word of THANKS to her band mates of her Final FP performance, Berga, Jeremy and Euwyn, for their help and support.



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