Week 3 Friday Performance Winner – Jung Yerim

The winner of the ICOM Semester 3/15’s first ever Friday Performance was none other than ICOM’s very own Korean singer Jung Yerim, or better known to everyone as Amy. Her rendition of Jessie J’s “Nobody’s Perfect swept the crowd of their seats.

As a third semester FIM student at ICOM, this is Amy’s second FP win having won her previous semester FP and making it to semester 2/15’s Final FP. Her performance this semester was both moving and powerful at the same time, her voice and her own control over it improving by leaps and bounds getting stonger everyday. After being asked why she chosen this song to perform she said that she had heard this specific tune online and felt an instant connection with the song. She is currently learning and improving her voice skills under the watchful eyes of her PI teacher, Ms Debra Georgina Abraham. Amy has been singing for quite a while but she only started to take her singing career seriously at the age of 15.

Her plan for the future is to head to Berklee to further her musical studies. She will be auditioning for the September 2016 intake. Good luck Amy and keep on singing!


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