Week 4 Friday Performance Winner – How Ee Liang

The winner of semester 3/15’s second Friday Performance was a third semester pianist going by the name How Ee Liang or he is also known as ICOM’s Jay Chow. Playing the song ‘Kolibre’ by world-renowned pianist Maksim.

Choosing this specific song as his repertoire, Ee Liang brought the house down with his band mates making it an unforgettable experience for the audience. Showing off his amazing skills as a pianist and also his masterful control over his own and the band’s playing. He said that he had chosen to perform ‘Kolibre’ this time round as it was a challenge for him and also that he enjoys playing this genre of music ever since he had started learning the piano at the tender age of four. His inspirations are Maksim, the amazing Richard Clayderman, Liang’s nickname sake, Jay Chow, and Ee Liang’s very own sister.

At the moment, Ee Liang has no big projects other than his assignments and exams. When asked about his future after FIM, being in the final semester of FIM, he said that he is planning on continuing in the BMUS program at ICOM then heading to taiwan to be a professional composer or an arranger after graduating. So, a big congrats to Ee Liang for his win and also a Good Luck for his Final FP and future exams and assignments.


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