Week 7 Friday Performance Winner – Xiao Yi Wen

The winner of ICOM’s Week 7 Friday Performance, was one of the college’s talented vocalists, Xiao Yi Wen. Singing the song 源隆, pronounced as Fu Kua in cantonese, by the artiste Eason Chen.

Giving an interesting performance, Yi Wen was able to wow the crowd with her vocals and song choice. Starting to sing from a young age, she said that she could not stop singing nor stop being involved with anything music as it made her happy to sing and play music. When asked why she had chosen this sing, she replied that the song had touched her heart through its lyric, as it was about how people who were ignored and grew tired of being so and decided to do something extravagant to catch the eye of others around them. She said that this song also encourages her to never give up. It was also a very challenging song for her to learn, with the high pitches and language used which is not one of the easiest to learn. She is currently learning more about vocalising under the tutelage of Ms. Debra, her Private Instruction teacher.

Yi Wen plans to head off to Berklee once she is done with FIM and is, at the moment, focusing on her studies so she can achieve great scores for her exams. Good luck, Yi Wen.


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