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About ICOM After School

ICOM After School is a program for school student musicians who demonstrate exceptional natural musical talent and potential to pursue a professional career in music.

The program offers 90-minute classes each week in vocal/instrumental skills, ensembles and musicianship. The music curriculum requires time and commitment from students as the program aims to nurture the discipline required in the field of music in order to develop technical skills and foster artistic expressions.

The program operates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from February to October in 2019 and follows the government school calendar.

Term 1 (14 Weeks) Term 2 (18 Weeks)
Classes Start 15th February Classes Start 14th June
Midterm 1 Break 29th – 31st March (1 Week) Midterm 2 Break 16th – 18th August (1 Week)
Term 1 Recital 24th – 26th May (1 Week) Term 2 Recital 18th – 20th October
Mid-Year Break 31st May – 9th June (2 Weeks) Year End Break 25th Oct 2019 – 2nd Jan 2020 (10 Weeks)

*Classes affected by government gazetted public holidays are not subject to replacement or refund.

Poster in Eng       Poster in BM

Who Should Enroll

The program is developed for school music students aged 13 to 17 years old.  All applicants must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in music performance, general musicianship (hearing, musical memory) and aptitude for learning (commitment).

Acceptance to ICOM After School is based on the results of a music audition process, which all applicants will undergo. ICOM After School does not accept applications from music beginners.

International Students

International students must have a valid student visa to stay and study in Malaysia. Students cannot register for ICOM After School without proof of your student visa. If you are in Malaysia under another status, please check with ICOM After School Administration to ensure that your status is valid for program admissions.

How To Apply

All applicants must sign in and fully complete an online application form. All information provided in the application form must be accurate and verified by at least ONE legal parent/guardian.

Online Application Open 3rd December 2018
Online Application Deadline 24th January 2019
Registration Fee (non-refundable) RM 50.00
Live Audition Dates 25th, 26th & 27th January 2019

9th February 2019

Live Audition Times 10am to 5pm (closed between 1-2pm)
Audition Results Announced 13th February 2019

Need-based partial and/or full financial aid is available to applicants from public schools who demonstrate outstanding musicianship.

Applicants requiring financial aid must furnish all required documentation for financial aid processing.

ANNUAL TUITION TERM 1 (14 weeks) TERM 2 (18 weeks) TOTAL
RM 1,650 RM 2,650

RM 4,350





Annual tuition includes study materials and student ID

Term Fees are payable by Telegraphic Transfer, Online Banking or Cheque. Fees paid are non-refundable.

For more information, email us at

Live Audition Info

  • All applicants will be pre-screened for live auditions. Only successful applicants will be notified
  • All audition pieces must be performed from memory. All instrumentalists and vocalists should perform 2 tunes/songs – ONE from the Audition Tune/Song List and ONE free choice. Your repertoire selection must be a best representation of your musical accomplishments
  • All instrumentalists and vocalists should bring a karaoke (minus one) or accompaniment track of your pieces (in your key) to the audition. The quality of recording must be clear without any distortion. You may bring your own accompanist to the audition
  • Piano, Drum Set and amplifiers will be provided at the audition room. Instrumentalists must bring your own hand-held instruments (guitar, violin, woodwind/brass, bass, etc) and related accessories such as FX pedals, cymbals, sticks/brushes) to the audition
  • In addition to prepared pieces, all vocalists and instrumentalist will participate in “call and response” music activity, where the examiner would play a short music piece and you would be expected to perform the excerpt on your instrument
  • All instrumentalists and vocalists who have had vocal/instrumental instruction on your principal instrument for three to five years, would be assessed on scales, arpeggios and sight reading

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