Q1: How do I get access to the online courses?

A: Complete the enrolment form and make your payment. Within 24 hours of payment
authorization, you will receive an email from the course administration team informing you of your
unique individual ID and password with which to login to start your course. It is a very simple and
seamless process.

Q2: Can I start the course immediately after making the payment?

A: Classes start at 10:00 am (UTC+8) on the published start date of the course and you will have
complete access to course materials, assessments and discussion forums. Course materials for the
subsequent weeks, i.e. Lesson 2, Lesson 3, etc., will be made available each week on Monday at
10:00 am, giving you a period of one week to absorb the syllabi and engage learning.

Q3: Is there a specific day and time to attend course lectures?

A: All our online courses operate on an asynchronous mode as such there is no need for you to
attend lectures on a fixed day and time. All course materials are available 24 hours each day, so you
will be able to learn at your pace, playing back video lectures repeatedly or rereading lesson texts,
posting or commenting on classmates’ discussion posts according to your learning style and time

Q4: How are the lessons taught and delivered?

A: Online lessons will comprise of a combination of text, computer screen shot images, videos, audio
podcasts and slide presentations. All of these are delivered through a full-featured online learning
portal supported by a leading world leader in educational technology.

Q5: Are there homework and tests?

A: Yes. Courses may have a combination of quizzes, discussion forums, short assignments or a larger
project to help you assimilate the lesson contents. The type and number of assessments will vary
according to the requirements of each course. The assessments also have a published submission
deadline within which you must hand in your assessment for grading and feedback.

Q6: Is there an entry requirement, such as SPM/O Levels to enroll in the online courses?

A: In general you should be able to operate a computer at a basic level, have access to a minimum
Internet connection speed of 2Mbps and have a sound monitoring system. For children below 18
years old, you must secure permission from your parents prior to enrolling for any course. Additional
course-specific requirements for each course are specified in the Courses page. Please
read these carefully in order to prepare your self for total engagement in our online courses.

Q7: Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?
A: Yes. Upon successful completion and passing the course with a minimum grade of D, you will be
awarded an electronic certificate of completion for download.

Q8: Will I get credit transfer from an online course into ICOM’s full-time programs?

A: All our online courses are independent short courses created to meet demands from students,
music industry professionals and working musicians. Approved by the Malaysian Ministry of
Education, some of these courses would help you meet the entry requirement of the full-time
programs rather than gain credit exemption.

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