Chi-pin & Kai-ya visit to ICOM


Chi-pin and Kai-ya always consider themselves as serious Taiwanese jazz musicians, they are not only looking for new musical ideas , but also composing and developing those ideas into aspiring performances. The debut album “Impressions of Taiwan” is the extension of Taiwan New Jazz conception, by absorbing the atmosphere of phenomenal European jazz and the nature of traditional American jazz, Chi-pin & Kai-ya would like to add more “Taiwanese flavor” into their original music – Childhood memories, life scenes, local landscapes and customs, even tasty snacks were all integrated into their compositions and improvisations, which develop one kind of oriental pleasing jazz style.


Chi-pin & Kai-ya visited ICOM, Malaysia in Jan 2015 and held a mini workshop and mini concert for the public. ICOM hosted many talented, industry lead musicians and personalities to encourage the new generation of musicians to rise up, be challenged by new ideas and be better at their craft. All who have attended the workshop and concert enjoyed themselves and they brought back a little bit of Taiwan in their heart because of the passion and care from Chi-pin & Kai-ya. We are looking forward for your next visit Chi-pin & Kai-ya, see you again soon.




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