Dzago in 44th UAE National Day Song Tribute – Guinness Book of Records

Struggle “Dzago” Chatsama, had collaborate with UAE on their “Natiional Day Song Tribute” project. Since it is UAE 44th National Day they wanted at least 44 languages in the song for the Guinness Book of Records. Dzago has sang and translated in 2 languages for the project.

Dzago has explained on how did he get this opportunity :

“They viewed my profile and some of my music performance videos with CAP Band and they loved the fact that i have been involved in multi cultural bands before.They called me and asked about more of my music ability. I told them of my studies at ICOM and they immediately called me to come to their studio. It’s an honour being involved in such a big project and am proud my CAP Band friday performances got me noticed.”



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