ICOM & Berklee Workshops 9-10 June 2016


by Ayn Inserto (Berklee Associate Professor, Jazz Composition)

Take a lead sheet and turn it into an arrangement for any sort of genre and ensemble make-up. You will lean to change the style of a tune and make it your own through a variety of techniques including style-change, harmonic manipulation, expanded phrasing, transitional material, rhythmic variation and time-signature change. You will also learn to take material from existing tunes and use that to create new ones.

by Jeff Claassen (Berklee Associate Professor, Harmony)

This workshop will show you how to work within the given ensemble setting to customize arrangements within the situation. You will get advice on ways to set up intros, assign instruments to different parts of the melody and accompaniment, creating interludes using material in the existing tune, creating harmony on the spot for accompaniment for solo instruments, interpreting melodies correctly according to genre, rehearsal techniques, communication within the ensemble and other aspects of ensemble playing.

by Ayn Inserto (Berklee Associate Professor, Jazz Composition)

This workshop looks at simple diatonic structures and how harmony functions. You will learn to take the basic structure and build on it to a more complex configuration useful in developing original compositions or improvisations. You will also see how the basic structure translates over many genres and how harmonic variations play roles in defining different genres.

by Jeff Claassen (Berklee Associate Professor, Harmony)

This workshop covers musical vocabulary and stylistic interpretation; interacting within the ensemble; support of the soloist; “outside the box” soloing; and, techniques on improving soloing beyond vocabulary


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