ICOM Students on “The Music of Snarky Puppy” 12th November 2015

ICOM Students performed a Snarky Puppy tribute concert last thursday(12th November 2015) and ended the performance with a blast with their favorite cover of Snarky Puppy’s Lingus.

Here is their performance of “Lingus” (Video credit : kaeyih1)

They have also performed “Sew” with Charleen, Nadya, Shalini and Lyanne as their vocalists¬†(Video credit : kaeyih1)

Musical Directors: Kyih Chang, Yoong SinWeng
Production Manager: Zamil Razak

Vocalists: Sharifah Nadya, Lyanne Low, Charleen Suzanne, Shalini Hidayah
Keyboards: Kyih Chang, Yoong SinWeng, Tan Xin Tian, Abigail Baskaran, Loke Chung Yow
Guitarist: Arnesh Gurnani, Zamil Razak, Elisha Tiga
Violinist: Eugene Yeo
Brass: Ad Wafri, Liu Zishi
Bassist: Euwyn Tan
Drums / Percussions: Berga Kriskarsio Ginting, Too ZongXu, Jedidiah Campoy


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