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Chi-pin & Kai-ya visit to ICOM

IMG_2554 Chi-pin and Kai-ya always consider themselves as serious Taiwanese jazz musicians, they are not only looking for new musical ideas , but also composing and developing those ideas into aspiring performances. The debut album “Impressions of Taiwan” is the extension of Taiwan New Jazz conception, by absorbing the atmosphere of phenomenal European jazz and the nature of traditional American jazz, Chi-pin & Kai-ya would like to add more “Taiwanese flavor” into their original music – Childhood memories, life scenes, local landscapes and customs, even…
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Hanz (郭文翰) & Joey (梁祖仪) – Healthy Love (健康爱) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

《健康愛》Healthy Love A love song dedicated to all the lovely couple out there. Here’s a song composed, produce, recorded and mixed by our ICOM Alumni, Hanz. Enjoy..…
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Have a Pink Valentine’s Day

Ed Sheeran fans in the house say hey! A little something from @jonliddellmusic and Sachié Amira (ICOM Alumni) for Valentine’s Day. This song is dear to her heart and it is up on her channel, and since Valentine’s Day is just 2 days away, she feels it would be the perfect song to commemorate it. Edited by Sachié Amira and wishing everyone happy valentine’s day! A HUGE thank you to @monkeydisease for helping them shoot and for lending the space.. Special thanks to Jon LIddell and Annatasha Saifol.…
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Blood Donation Drive At ICOM – 11th February 2015

The Office of Registrar and Students Services (ORSS) organised a blood donation drive for the flood victims in the East Coast and East Malaysia, and to build a wider public awareness among ICOM community of the need for blood donation in order to maintain an adequate supply of blood for all patients requiring transfusion. This drive was really successful as we had many eager ICOMites willing to donate to help their fellowman. Apart from the gift of music, ICOMites also attended to the call to donate blood for a worthy cause . IMG_3116 (1)   IMG_3090 (1)
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Blue Yonder by The Pamintuans

The Pamintuans are made up of two brothers; Richmond as the guitarist and Mark Jay as the drummer (both ICOM Alumni)  and the duo feature collaborations with other artists. Blue Yonder:
The song and its words reflect an attempt to bring your loved one to your journey through life – inviting and beckoning them to be that person who’ll hold your hand while you encounter the ups and downs life has to offer. All this, while helping each other be good persons on earth, be good persons for God so that your love will be blessed and eternal, both on earth and in the heavens. Music Written by Richmond…
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