The ICOM Friday Performance is a weekly live concert program that prepares music students in the Foundation in Music program to perform before a live audience comprising faculty, staff, parents, students, professional musicians and visitors alike. Each student must feature a 10-minute music performance once in each semester and may feature either a cover tune or an original composition performed in a range of settings from solo, duet, trio or large ensemble performance.

The members of the audience assess the students on three areas:
1) vocal / instrumental proficiency;
2) musicianship; and
3) stage presentation through the casting of ballots, which result in a weekly "winner" with the highest scores.

The winners of each week's performance then compete in the "Final Friday Performance" on the last week of classes to vie for the "Best Student Performer of the Semester" trophy awarded by the Head of Performance. The award not only boosts the winning student's recognition for musical prowess but also nurtures a healthy competition among students to push the boundaries of music performance in order to clinch the coveted award. In addition to musicians, live sound engineers and stage crew also hone their skills each week in assigned roles and functions related to live sound. Students helm roles such as live sound engineer, recording engineer, stage manager, stage crew, lighting engineer, videographer, photographer, and editor. Some of these tasks are directly related to course grades and a large majority of alumni have attributed the Friday Performance as being fundamental to their musical and technical growth.

Friday Performance Week 7 Sem 2/16 this 17 June 2016!!

It’s Week 7 right before the Assessment Week 7, and we’re gonna have 4 of our new FIM Students performing this Friday at our Recital Hall. Don’t forget to come guys! Bring anyone you want, it’s free admissions! #ItsAllAboutMusic
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Friday Performance Week 6 Sem 2-16

They’ve been here for at least 5 weeks in ICOM, now let’s see what they’ve got. Chua Yi Le, Aliah Yasmin, Joseph Laing and Yann Wenn taking the stage with their band this Friday 10 June 2016 at 5pm #ItsAllAboutMusic
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2nd Friday Performance of the Semester this 27th May 2016

It is that time again, let’s check 4 of the FIM students leading their bands. Nadya, Xiao Qi, Joseph, Jedidiah. Only 1 of them will get the chance to perform in the Final Friday Permance Sem May’16. #ItsAllAboutMusic
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Friday Performance Week 3 Semester 2/16

The May semester has already started and the first Friday Performance will be on this Friday! Let’s spectate our FIM students heating up the stage for this semester! Ammar Basabra, Keigan Lee,Mirah Ally and Winston Kurnia will lead their bands in this showcase. Open to public! Come down to our recital hall #ItsAllAboutMusic
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Friday Performance Week 7(Sem 1/16) 19 February ’16

This week’s Friday Performance, we will showcase 5 FIM Students to perform : Keigan, Ammar, Darien, Ling, and Winston. Come all! It is always have been open to public. 19 February 2016, 5:00pm at ICOM Recital Hall. #itsallaboutmusic
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