Leading Global Music Schools: The Science behind Music and Why it’s Good for You by Asian Correspondent.

“It’s obvious that music has a great effect on us and can not only help improve our mood, but help us improve as individuals. Whilst listening to music is extremely rewarding, there are many of us who want to become more involved, whether that be through picking up an instrument, singing to our heart’s content, or through writing or producing music.

If you are passionate about music and really want to hone in on your talents, there are a host of outstanding music schools with the staff, mentality and facilities to mould your raw skill into something out of this world. The best music schools will be able to help you grow your musical skills, allowing you to follow your individual interests and passions, whilst helping you gain the knowledge you need to be successful in the music business. You will get the chance to learn how to apply your talents not only to practical music but also careers within the industry.” Read more here… 

“The International College of Music (ICOM) is Asia’s most prominent contemporary music college. Its primary goal is to discover and develop exceptional music talent through carefully formulated, career-centric programs that meet the specific demands of this intensely competitive industry. ICOM’s comprehensive courses are delivered by dedicated professionals with first-hand experience from the heart of the music business.”

We introduced “First Year Interactions (FYI)” in 2013 to build networks between first year and senior students. FYI offers an opportunity to participate in a series of informal discussions and activities that explore the culture and society in which they currently live. Students are paired with a faculty and peer mentor who serve as guides and help them adjust to college life.” Read more about ICOM & Our International Students here… 


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