Like I’m Gonna Lose You (acoustic) – Meghan Trainor & JL (cover by Enessa & Daryl D of GTXperiment)

This one’s by one of our closest sweethearts with her rendition of her current favorite tune. Accompanying her are Daryll D (vocals) & Clinton Liew (keys) of GTXperiment. Recorded live at the studio (Cajon was added on later because Mark had diarrhea and Daryll, unfortunately couldn’t play the guitar and cajon AND sing at the same time)

Vocals: Enessa, Daryll D.
Acoustic Guitar: Daryll D.
Cajon: Daryll D.
Keyboard: Clinton Liew
Recording Engineer : Johnston
Mixed by : Johnston
Videographer: Sharveswaraa Naidu
Camera 2: Alicia
Editor: Alicia Lok
A Grand Theft Records Production


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