Music. Emotions written out and heard through sound.

By Caitlynn Savari

Though currently a music student, I’m also a full time musician. I perform at Taps Beer and Bar every Saturday night at 9:30pm-2am. I know first hand that getting gigs in KL, is not easy. My brother, Caleb, was always struggling to find places to perform at. He was constantly playing at Open Mics around KL like Pisco Bar, Taps Beer and Bar, No Black Tie (NBT), Merdekarya and many more. Those Open Mics are a perfect platform to show people who you are and what you can do. Most artists are discovered just from performing at Open Mics. That’s what happened to me! I was approached while singing at an Open Mic at Taps and of course, I accepted. I performed at open mics in High School and at ICOM tribute concerts but nothing compared to my first real gig. Sure, it prepared me to be comfortable on stage in front of an audience, but having a regular gig made me more aware of my vocals, and my performance. Before Taps, I just sang backup vocals for friends’ gigs. I didn’t know how to take charge of the stage with my presence. Once I started frequently gigging at Taps, I was more aware of my stage presence and my vocal abilities. When I gig I always make sure that I sing songs that both represents me and entertains the audience. My job as a singer, is to communicate the meaning and evoke the emotions of a song to the audience. So I try my best to do just that! Finding a permanent gig in KL isn’t easy. However, if you do lots of open mics and social with other musicians, you’re bound to get a good start somewhere. Once you’ve found your place in the music scene, the rest is up to you. All the best!


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