Music Theory in 12 weeks!


ICOM Online’s Music Theory for Musicians 1 and 2 courses have now been merged into a single 12-week course. The new Music Theory incorporates the core topics from both the older courses over a shorter duration, resulting in a savings of more than 25% off the course fees!

What can students expect to get out of this new Music Theory course? The course instructor, Dr. Alyssa Koay, explains:

“Students will be exposed to a wider range of specifically chosen topics over a shorter period. Students who have little to no prior knowledge of music theory will find this course more accessible as the focus will be on developing a solid foundation in the basics of music theory. At the completion of this course, students will be adequately prepared for more advanced studies in music.”

Music Theory is now open for enrollment – class starts on 6 June 2016. Click below for more info:


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