Piano/Violin Music Teacher at Johor Bahru

Looking For: Music Teacher
Looking Duration: Full Time
Start Date: June 01, 2015
Company Name: Encore Learning Centre Sdn Bhd
Contact Person: Eleen
Contact #: 0108182088

*To conduct individual or group music lessons to children
*To inculcate the student’s interests and passion of music learning and appreciate different genres of music
*Contemporary Music or Classical Music in any kind of instruments (Piano / Guitar / Violin )
*At least Grade 5 in piano and/or violin
*Passionate for music and teaching
*Confident & cheerful with positive working attitude

tel: +607 230 5199
email: hr@encore-learning.com


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One thought on “Piano/Violin Music Teacher at Johor Bahru”

  1. Josh Tan Joo Seen says:

    Hello Eleen, I’m Josh and im looking for the full time or part time piano teacher job.

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