Tutor for Song Composition

Looking For: Tutor for song composition
Looking Duration: Part Time
Start Date: June 14, 2016
Company Name: TARUC Reb Bricks Song Composition Society
Contact Person: Chou Tong
Contact #: 017-3492283

TARUC Red Bricks Song Composition Society (拉曼大学学院红砖工作坊)is currently looking for a tutor for song composition. As we know, International College of Music (ICOM) has provided undergraduate music courses for students and song composition is included in the syllabus as well. Thus, we would like to know if there is any graduate / student from this field is interested to be our tutor.

Details for this are as listed below:
1) Tutorial class will be held in TARUC Main Campus and tutor is required to come over for the tutorial session.
2) Tutorial session will be held in weekly basis.
3) It will be a group tutorial session.
4) Every tutorial session will be 2 hours (usually starts in the evening or at night).
5) Tutorial syllabus have to include lyrics composition as well as song composition.
6) The tutorial classes will be conducted in Mandarin.
7) A trial will be held in February 2016 for evaluation purpose.
8) The actual tutoring session will last for 1 year and it will start in June 2016 until June 2017. (Approximately 25 sessions in total)

If you are interested to be our tutor, kindly contact Chou Tong at 017-3492283 for further information. Thanks.


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