Week 5 Friday Performance Winner – Berga Kriskarsio Ginting

The winner of the week 5 Friday Performance of semester 3/15 is none other than Berga Kriskarsio Ginting. Choosing the song ‘Spain’ by Chick Corea, giving an amazing performance.

A third semester ICOM student, Berga is known as one of the top drummers at college and everyone knows it. Watching him play on stage, the audience was properly wowed by his skills on the drums, but standing backstage where his movements were clear as day yet a blur at the same time was another different sort of experience, but equally as exciting. Berga had chosen this specific song to play as he always had an interest in playing these sort of rhythms and he enjoys a challenge, but also because he really wants to go to Spain.

At the moment, Berga is focused on his studied as well as helping his friends out for their performances and also with his own band, Reharmnation. He plans to head off to Berklee, where he has already been accepted, next year after finishing FIM where he will major in Performance Arts. A big good luck to him and we look forward to your Final Friday Performance.


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