Week 6 Friday Performance Winner – Lim Kian Seng

ICOM’s week 6’s Friday Performance was won by Lim Kian Seng or better known to all ICOM’s students and lecturers as Jason. He had chosen to perform a song by Shaun Martin entitled ‘Yellow Jackets’.

Starting to learn the piano at the tender young age of 4 years, Jason has become a talented piano player in his own right but also believes that he still has a very long road yet untraveled and he will continue to practice and learn with all his might, under the guidance of his personal Instructor, Chong Wee Lern. He pulled of his performance with aplomb despite saying he was extremely nervous, he gave a wonderful show of his skills as a pianist leaving the crowd with an unforgettable experience. When asked why he had chosen this song to play he said that it was because it was a challenging song for him to play but at the same time fun. He has been inspired by many great artists such as oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Cory Henry and, of course, Shaun Martin. Other than being a fine pianist, Jason also plays the Trombone very well, learning to play the instrument when he joined his school band during standard 4.

He plans to continue his studies in ICOM after FIM as a BMus student, but has a plan B to head to Berklee if the fates allow it. He is currently preparing to play in the upcoming Snarky Puppy tribute with his ICOM friends. So a big congrats and good luck in the future, Jason!


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