Week 9 Friday Performance Winner – Ahmed Mirah Ally

This week’s (week 9) ICOM Friday Performance was won by none other than one of ICOM’s top bass players, Mirah Ally. Playing the song entitled, ‘Out of The Black’ by Royal Blood, he took the crowd by a storm. Delivering an awesome, not so easily forgotten performance.

When asked why he had chosen this specific tune to play, he said that he had wanted to experiment with the different sounds and effects that he could produce or give out from his bass guitar. Only playing with a vocalist, James Wong, and drummer, Daryl (ICOM alumni), he was able to wow the crowd with his amazing control over his bass and also effects pedal, making it seem like there was a normal electric guitar in the mix playing out the harmony when he was the one playing it on his bass. Mirah had started playing the guitar when he was 13 years old, and only picked up the bass about 2 years ago. He is currently taking personal instruction under Mr. Frank Ong.

At the moment, the young bassist will be focusing more on his studies and upcoming projects and exams, but he already has a song chosen for the Final Friday Performance, which will remain under wraps till FFP week. Mirah plans to head off to Berklee after finishing FIM in ICOM, where he plans to major in Film Scoring. So, good luck, Mirah!


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