“What You Want” by Sachie Amira (ICOM Alumni)

A cheeky video clip by Our ICOM sweet heart Sachie Amira.. Great to see so many of our ICOM alumni “helping out” for this video. Haha! Missing you guys..

Anthony Muthurajah – Drums
Herman Ramanado – Bass
Dean Sim – Guitars
Joelle Mangindaan – EP
Hiran Benton – Synth

Music by Sachie Amira & Anthony Muthurajah
Lyrics by Sachie Amira
Mixed by Daniel Subah, mastered by Carmen Chang, remixed and remastered by Feri Lau and Edvard Lee.

Annatasha Saifol
Razlan Shah
Irma Seleman
Cindy Choe
Jocelyn Wong
Ivy Tan
Andrew Cheng
Sandra Cheah
Louisa Foong
Wei Hsing
Caitlynn Savari
Rachelle Tam
Shereen Cheong
Aleif Hamdan
Jocelyn Khoo

Directed by Sachie Amira
DOP and edited by Seung Hoon Lee

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One thought on ““What You Want” by Sachie Amira (ICOM Alumni)”

  1. Good video Sachie. Great success lies ahead of you.

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