Diploma In Music

This program, approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) is designed to produce musicians who are able to perform, arrange and produce music to meet the changing needs of the job market.

What You Would Study

In Music Performance: You will enhance your proficiency skills, learn improvisation concepts, and methodology sufficient to demonstrate a level of proficiency on your principal instrument typical of that generally required in intermediate performance level. This is achieved through private lessons, which include proficiency-based exams, ensembles and performance studies classes. You will also be able to perform in various types of ensemble, specific occasions and various genres in ensemble settings.

In Music Writing: You will explore the musical concepts of melody, rhythm, harmony and form as applied to the principles and techniques of writing, composition and arranging for the rhythm section, horn voicings techniques and vocals Students learn about the conceptualisation process of combining individual components to create a musically satisfying arrangement in various contemporary and commercial musical styles for small band, Big Band, singles, albums and visuals.

In Music Production: You will experience a true and current music production atmosphere as a music producer and as an effective professional in the recording industry. Your experience will prepare you to appropriately adapt to the changing demands of the recording industry such as Digital Audio Applications, Music Sequencing, Studio and Live Recording Techniques and Sound Design for Visuals.

In Music Business: You’ll learn the fundamentals of business within the music industry from a musician’s perspective. Students will immerse themselves in the Business Communication, Artist and Concert management, Principle of Management dealing with organisation, leadership, scouting and developing artists talent along with other important issues that face the contemporary music business professional.

Entry Requirement

  • High school certification (SPM or equivalent) with minimum 3 credits
  • Minimum four years music performance in a principal instrument and ability to read and write 4-part music notation. These would be tested through an audition and music theory test

Music audition

  • Perform a range of songs/tunes on a principal instrument (including voice)
  • Demonstrate technical skills such as scales and arpeggios on the instrument
  • Sightread written music
  • Write music for 4-part (SATB)

Download and attempt a music theory paper to self test if you meet the minimum music theory requirement. If you don’t, sign up to take a 14-week Fundamentals of Music Theory class to qualify for admissions.

Career Options

  • Professional Singer
  • Professional Band Musician
  • Sessionist
  • Songwriter/Composer
  • Music Arranger
  • Assistant Choir/Band Director
  • Recording Technician
  • Assistant Music Producer
  • Junior Sound Designer
  • Assistant Live Sound Engineer
  • Stage Technician


KPT/JPT (N/212/4/0061)(PA15226) 12/27

Diploma in Music

This 2-year program is highly career-centric and prepares students for a career in music performance, arranging and music production....

Students develop skills on their principal instrument and perform in ensembles that perform all types of commercial music, including training to prepare for professional gigs. Students learn score layout and arranging techniques to score music for small and large bands comprising rhythm section, vocals, saxophones, trumpets and trombones. In addition, students also hone skills to compose, record and produce music for live and studio setting, including designing sound for game audio, ad commercials and film/animation using a range of music technology equipment and software.

In addition to music and production subjects, students also study music history, English language, and other liberal arts courses to develop an informed worldview. In the final year, students intern at professional music industry companies to gain real-world work experience in their chosen careers and complete a graduation portfolio that demonstrate their artistry.

Program Highlights

  • Specially tailored curriculum to produce industry-ready graduates
  • Learn from qualified faculty and network with music industry professionals
  • Engage with peers from over 20 countries
  • Degree top up option available