ICOM After School

This is a music education program to develop school student musicians who demonstrate exceptional natural musical talent and potential to pursue a professional career in music.

What You Would Study

You will attend 90-minute classes each week in vocal/instrumental skills, ensembles (group performance) and general musicianship (ear training and music theory). The music curriculum requires time and commitment from students as the program aims to nurture the discipline required in the field of music in order to develop technical skills and foster artistic expressions.

Entry Requirement

This program is developed for school music students aged 13 to 17 years old and demonstrate exceptional natural music talent.


  • RM100,000.00 in scholarships available.

  • Need-based, partial and/or full financial aid is available to applicants who demonstrate outstanding musicianship. Applicants requiring financial aid must furnish all required documentation for financial aid processing.


ICOM After School

Admissions to the ICOM After School program is by live audition, which all applicants must undergo and based on the results of the audition, applicants would be notified of their admissions.

  • Perform 2 prepared repertoire by memory (1 from audition list and 1 free choice)
  • Musical Memory (call and response)
  • Aptitude (what you wish to contribute to the field of music)
  • Optional technical skills (scales, arpeggios, sight reading)

How to Apply

All applicants must complete an online application form.

The schedule for the next intake will be announced later.

Fees: RM 1,850

Live Audition

All applicants will be pre-screened for live auditions. Only successful applicants will be notified.