Foundation In Music

This one year preparatory program equips students to seek credit transfer to Berklee College of Music. You will earn more than 50 credits upon completion of this program and you must achieve a CGPA of 2.30/4.00 in order to graduate from the Foundation.

What You Would Study

In performance, you will learn ear training, participate in private instructions (one–on-one) and contribute towards ensemble (group) performance. You will be trained to hone your hearing towards playing together. You will work in groups to showcase your performance every week.

In writing, you will learn music theory, both traditional and contemporary harmony. You will engage with faculty and fellow students in developing your writing skills to arrange for a rhythm section.

Entry Requirement

  • Malaysian students: Minimum 5 SPM credits (pass in Bahasa Melayu & History) or equivalent high school completion.
  • International students: Minimum IGCSE or High school completion equivalent to O-level, with minimum 5 credits.
  • Students with prior music experience may consult our admissions counselors on credit exemption options.


KPT/JPT (R2/010/3/0226) (A10219) 8/24

Foundation In Music

The Foundation in Music (FIM) program is a one-year program taught at ICOM across three trimesters in January, May and September each year. Students learn music theory, contemporary harmony, ensembles, ... music technology, private lessons, ear training, traditional harmony and traditional counterpoint using Berklee workbooks. In addition to music courses, students also take liberal arts subjects such as English Language, Academic Writing, Computer Applications, Survey of Pop Music and Musical Acoustics.

Upon completion of the foundation, students will choose their pathway to a music degree.

Program Highlights

  • Over 50 credits transfer to Berklee
  • Participate in Berklee’s Audition & Interview Process at ICOM
  • Berklee tuition scholarship up to 50%
  • Save time and tuition funds up to 60%
  • Step-by-step student advising and support from admissions to transfer
  • Learn from Berklee-qualified faculty
  • Engage with peers from over 20 countries